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The Dark Navigator's Alliance is a new Black Prophecy clan within the Genide Faction. Currently, players who desire to join may post in the recruiting forum with an introduction. Your application will be reviewed and approved as soon as possible, and you will recieve an in game invite. Members who r
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Clan Updates

Shutting Down Shop

Iccarri, Nov 26, 11 4:33 PM.
Hey everyone...

There were some complaints about the leadership for DNA. (Mainly me) It is what it is. I understand you guys want a more active leader. That's fine. Since the clan is nearly hollowed out, I'm shutting it down.

If you are interested in a clan of like minded players to play with, I would reccommend going to GBK. This is where most members have already crossed over to and I've spoken with their leader and he will accept any DNA who wish to cross over.

The clan stores and account are going to be bought out by GBK. This is because all of those stores are donation from you guys. Since so many of you went to GBK, it is only right you keep them.

It was a pleasure,


Running into a Ditch

Iccarri, Nov 26, 11 3:51 PM.
Ok folks,

We are losing membership, and I'm not really sure why... We lost one of only 2 officers, and at that the most active one, please a couple of other people who were fairly active.

So I'm asking quickly, why? Is it my leadership? Is it the activity as a whole? What's going on that is causing people to look at different clans. Definately message me and let me know... I will put in changes to make sure things stay on course.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Iccarri, Nov 24, 11 4:05 PM.
I know not every member out there is American, but for everyone anyway Happy Thanksgiving. And for those that are not American, we are Thankful to have you around and make our expereince in the game truly Global.
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